Ghost Ring – Capstone Prototype 1/28/20

With Magic Leap projects that I’ve done in the past, I’ve tried to ignore or work around the restrictions of the platform – and in my opinion, the projects have suffered because of it. This new project is meant to work WITH the restrictions of the platform rather than against them.

The game presents the ring to the player as a “lens” that lets them see ghosts through it. This provides a physical model for why the user would be able to see the real world through the goggles with a much larger field of view than the game objects. The game entities are all “ghosts”, so you can only see them in a small “lens”.

The current version of the game has ghosts (represented by spheres) flying towards the player. The player can select one of four paint colors to spray at the ghosts. If you try painting the ghost with the same color that they are, the paint will pass through them. In order to keep the player from sticking to one paint color for too long, each paint color has its own “fuel” that can run out. There is an indicator on the ring showing which direction to look for a ghost, and the controller vibrates faster or slower depending on how close the ghosts are. If ghosts are near you, your health begins to drain. All the UI elements are drawn on top of the ring.

Currently, there’s an issue with slow-down while the paint is being sprayed, so that will be looked into. I also think there should be an indicator of which paint color the player has active – something on the ring that shows what paint color they’re using, plus an extra indication to notify the player when they switch colors.

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