My name is H.S. Milenkovic. I am a writer with an MFA in Interactive Media, and a BS in Computer Science. I am a South Florida resident. Online, I usually go by Snuffysam, and I often stamp my works with the label “Snuffysam Media”.

I have been a storyteller all my life. My writing style generally revolves around over-the-top comedy, with large, cartoony set-pieces.

You can download my resume here.

Feel free to contact me for any professional inquiries!


Below is a portfolio showcasing my writing.

Steamgear Inc. Vertical Icon

Steamgear Logo Trimmed

Steamgear Inc. is a webtoon that I have been working on continuously since February 2022.

Steamgear Incorporated: the greatest tech company in the world. Steamgear Defenders: their elite fighting force… with Ax’s very own brother developing their weapons! Ax always dreamed of working alongside her brother and changing the world – until she learns of his death. Now, Ax will stand up for what’s right and change the world in a different way, even if she has to break through the world’s greatest fighters to do it!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Comedy
Format: Comic/Graphic Novel
Length: 30,000+ Words, 100+ Episodes

~ Writing Sample ~

PHILLIP: A man spends his life feeding off the land. He eats steaks, poultry, fresh fruits and vegetables.

PHILLIP: To him, all life has a purpose.

PHILLIP: This man makes his living exploring the world. He dies alone, in the middle of the desert.

PHILLIP: His body is eaten by vultures. To him, it’s a great honor. All life has a purpose.

PHILLIP: The Oasis Campus Joy Tree provided clean air to the world.

PHILLIP: Trees require nutrients from the ground to help them grow. Nutrients like your brother. All life has a purpose.

PHILLIP: But now, the Joy Tree is gone, reduced to ash. Your brother, currently, has no purpose.

PHILLIP: And, regrettably, he never really did.

. . .

AX: Hatchet Cadogan Arcenast was a genius. His work could have improved the lives of millions.

AX: But that was never the full picture.

AX: He also liked to arm wrestle, and play marbles, and climb trees.

AX: He would listen to radio programs with me. He was never really that interested, but he was always happy to discuss my favorite characters.

AX: He was kind to everyone he met. He was always ready to fix a broken pipe for someone in need.

AX: You’ll never meet a single person in the state of Wyoming who has a bad word to say about Hatch Arcenast.

AX: He was kind to everyone he met. He was always ready to fix a broken pipe for someone in need.

AX: You’ll never meet a single person in the state of Wyoming who has a bad word to say about Hatch Arcenast.

AX: He would sing! He couldn’t carry a tune, but he would sing, damn it!

AX: He was a friend! He was family! He was a person!

AX: And my brother’s legacy alone is worth a million times what you ever will be, Administrator Phillip Driver!

To read the full story, check out the comic here!

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R Screenshot

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R is an online graphic novel that I have been working on continuously since February 2016. The story follows a small woman as she tries to find love in a world full of strange magic powers.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
Format: Comic/Graphic Novel
Length: 45,000+ Words, 1000+ Pages

~ Writing Sample ~

Zebugu: And look who’s joining her! Governor Taci Ramino. I didn’t think you’d betray me for at least another year!

Taci: You knew I was planning on usurping you all this time?!

Zebugu: Well, there were some subtle hints. Like that time you said-

Taci (flashback): Hi! My name’s Taci Ramino! I sure hope you die without an heir so that the people can finally rule for themselves!

Zebugu: And that other time when you said-

Taci (flashback): …And if you don’t die fast enough, I might just have to kill you myself!

Zebugu: And of course, when you said-

Taci (flashback): By the way, how strong of a swimmer are you? Do you have any fatal allergies? Would you describe your throat as “easily slittable”?

Zebugu: That was when I knew something was up.

To read the full story, check out the comic here!

Battle of the Five Man Bands

Battle of the Five-Man Bands

Battle of the Five-Man Bands is a game created for GitHub Game-Off 2022. It’s a visual novel with some RPG mechanics, about a newcomer joining the school band and learning more about the wacky characters within.

Genre: Comedy
Format: Interactive Narrative
Length: ~9,000 Words

~ Writing Sample ~

A young man bursts through the door to the auditorium. His black hair is wild with energy, and he’s slightly out of breath – although it is unclear if this is new, or if this is his default state.

KOUTA: You rang?

ELIANA: Oh, Kouta, you’re here! Where’s Felisha?

KOUTA: She said she had to say goodbye to her boyfriend. Apparently, he’s visiting his family for the weekend.

ELIANA: Well then, what took YOU so long?

KOUTA: Oh! Felisha asked me to fill up her boyfriend’s car for him, since it’s a long drive. And y’know, I like to be a good friend-

RODERICK: …You filled it up with gas, correct?

KOUTA: What? No, dummy! I filled it up with liquid! Not sure how Felisha’s boyfriend is gonna breathe in there, but I figure he’s one of those new fishmen…

To play the full story, check out the game here!

Starstuff Stories Image

Starstuff Stories

Starstuff Stories is a spinoff series of Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R, focusing on single characters. The short stories are often parodies of specific genres or properties – for instance, one is a parody of overdramatic cooking shows, while another is a parody of the 2016 film Suicide Squad.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance
Format: Short Story
Length: ~6,000 Words Each

~ Writing Sample ~

Nightmurder threw my future self onto the steps of the administrative building. As my body landed, I noticed a bright yellow piece of fabric from underneath my Shakom concert merch. Nightmurder seemed to notice this too. He leaned down, and pulled up my future self’s t-shirt. Underneath the Shakom shirt, the corpse was wearing merchandise from Electric Zebra.

Nightmurder recoiled in shock.

“That’s right,” scoffed a voice from behind me. “That man you just killed… was an imposter.”

I looked up as a man walked by my right. The man was shirtless, and his muscles were glistening with sweat and blood. His dark hair was a little messy, but that made it look even more perfect. His dark eyes and full lips glittered in the light of the rising sun, his strong jaw made him an imposing figure, and his pink nose piercing brought the whole face together in a perfect bow. He also had a cute butt.

The man held his right hand out, and summoned a katana out of thin air. With his left hand, the man brushed his perfect hair out of his perfect face, making droplets fly off in all directions. He did a dramatic pose, pointing towards the sky, and I almost fainted at the sight.

My real future self had arrived.

To check out all my short stories, head to my Starstuff Stories page!

Fly On The Wall

Fly On The Wall is a game created for GitHub Game-Off 2021. It’s a puzzle platformer stealth game about a blind woman using listening devices to spy on important targets.

Genre: Espionage
Format: Interactive Narrative
Length: ~9,000 Words

~ Writing Sample ~

Silque: So, what’s the news?

Intel Advisor: Things are getting worse. The ANT’s attacks are getting more bold. They destroyed a security checkpoint last week, and stole a truck full of supplies…

War Advisor: Unfortunately, we’re beginning to run out of options. We’ve tried negotiating with their leaders, we’ve tried heavier military presence at towns by the border. But every day, we still lose ground to these insurgents…

Silque: Negotiating with leaders? Military at the border? Well there’s your problem, silly! The ANT still has leaders and a border! If we want to get rid of the enemy so badly, let’s just get rid of them!

War Advisor: You mean… bomb the entire territory?

Silque: Kablooey~! Who needs a smelly “Autonomous Nation of Tadalet” anyway? We’ll burn the whole place down, and build a nice big water park in its place! I could finally get a chance to show off my new swimsuit to the empire~! What’s stopping you?

Engineering Advisor: I mean… we have the weaponry to do that, yes. But… the ANT’s population numbers in the thousands. Are those direct orders, your majesty?

Silque: You bet! Get rid of the ANT by tomorrow, or I’ll feed you to my crocodile!

Intel Advisor: …Right. Well, um… I think we’re done here. Gentlemen, your majesty…?

Alena: …Oruma, did you get all that?

Oruma: Loud and clear. If they follow through on the Empress’s orders… that’s an attack tomorrow. I’ll have to relay this to the President. You did good, Fly On The Wall. Get to the drop point, we’ll be there to extract you in ten minutes.

Alena: Affirmative!

To play the full story, check out the game here!

Lunar Demolition Force

Lunar Demolition Force is a game created for GitHub Game-Off 2020. It’s a hybrid puzzle/visual novel game about a crew of mercenaries who blow up moons by dropping multicolored blocks from orbit.

Genre: Comedy, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Format: Visual Novel
Length: ~4,000 Words

~ Writing Sample ~

Achilles: Hey, witch! Pick on a celestial body your own size!

Hapi: Ah, well if it isn’t the Lunar Demolition Force! A human, a Vaz, and an android. And look, the berry-flavored one’s here too! Still confident in the power of your armor to protect you, greater than colon three?

Lily: Stupid rabbit! Nobody threatens my partners and gets away with it! Now, what in Sam Hill are you doin’ here?!

Hapi: You don’t know much about witchcraft, do you, colon three? You see, many of my most potent potions require moonlight to be brewed. Which means that I can’t brew those potions while the sun’s out. So, I figured, why not make it easier for myself? I’ll destroy every star in the galaxy! That way, the only light visible will be moonlight!!!

Kit: Curses, greater than colon left parenthesis! Your logic may be impeccable, witch, but your plan shall not come to fruition!

Hapi: Y’know… we’re not so different, Lunar Demolition Force. You destroy moons, and I… well, I just dream bigger. Surely there’s some of you unsatisfied with your current career aspirations? Any takers? How about you, ninja?

Ska’ay: H-hey, Hapi! You’re dead wrong! The Lunar Demolition Force isn’t just a business… it’s a family! A-and we’ll never be torn apart!

Hapi: Hm. Very well, semi-colon three. If it’s a fight you want… then it’s a fight you’ll get, Lunar Demolition Force!

To play the full game in-browser, head here!


The Adventures of Detective Sleuth

The Adventures of Detective Sleuth is a parody of choose-your-own-adventure games. Some games in this genre have a problem where if the player picks a single wrong choice, the player immediately loses, and the game ends. The Adventures of Detective Sleuth takes this concept and flips it around – if the player makes a single correct choice, the main character immediately solves the case, and the game ends. The only way to continue playing the game is to make as many bad choices as possible.

Genre: Comedy, Mystery
Format: Interactive Narrative
Length: ~2000 Words

~ Writing Sample ~

You ask the young man to help you throw this old man’s body out the window. He agrees, surprisingly.

The man says that his name is Greg Stabberman. You tell him that you knew that already – you are, after all, an incredible detective.

After some work, the two of you push the older man’s corpse out the window. He falls 20 stories to the street below, past your dentist’s office.

To play a demo of the game in-browser, click here!

Future Chaos Alpha Screenshot

Future Chaos Alpha : Limit Without Time

Future Chaos Alpha : Limit Without Time is a turn-based RPG. The story of the game parodies common RPG tropes – and is told from the perspective of minor enemies that the “hero” would encounter on his journey.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Format: Interactive Narrative
Length: ~1000 Words

~ Writing Sample ~

Theresa: Mom, what are we still doing here?

Tammy: I told you already, Theresa! We’re the common jewel thieves who broke into the Fire Temple and stole the Fire Crystal, not knowing what it truly was. Once Prince Eddie gets through the dungeon I designed, you get to fight him.

Tammy: Then he takes the Fire Crystal back from us and goes on his merry way. It’s an easy mission to give the player the confidence to complete the rest of the game!

To play a demo of the game in-browser, click here!