H.S. “Snuffysam” Milenkovic – Game Design

My name is H.S. Milenkovic. I am a game designer with an MFA in Interactive Media, and a BS in Computer Science. You can download my resume here.

Below is a portfolio showcasing my game design work.

Ghost Ring

Ghost Ring is my MFA capstone project. The goal of the project was to create a game that would only make sense on the Magic Leap One – working with both the benefits and limitations of the hardware.

To find out more about the development of Ghost Ring, check out the documentation here!

Genre: First Person Shooter, VR/AR/MR
Engine: Unity
Platform(s): Magic Leap One
Team Size: 1
Role(s): Mechanics Design, Enemy Design, UI Design, Programming, 3D Art, 3D Animation, 2D Art, Music Composition, Sound Design, Writing

Coral Guardin' Screenshot

Coral Guardin’

Coral Guardin’ was a game project for the Magic Leap One that I worked on as part of a small team. The game involves protecting a garden of coral by collecting the nearby floating trash.

As part of the project, I worked on 3D art (including the articulated claw arm), programmed some behaviors, and was a major part of the game design process.
Check out some gameplay footage here!

Genre: VR/AR/MR
Engine: Unity
Platform(s): Magic Leap One
Team Size: 5
Role(s): Mechanics Design, 3D Art

Patent Screenshot

United States Patent No. 10,387,543

In the summer of 2014, I worked at Time4Learning on an algorithm to automatically separate words into the characters that describe their phonemes, to be used in various educational games.

Because of the work on this algorithm, I was ultimately awarded a patent along with the rest of the team.
You can read the patent application here!

Genre: Educational
Engine: Java, Flash
Platform(s): Web Browser
Team Size: 5
Role(s): Programming, Algorithm Design

The U Experience Screenshot

The U Experience

The U Experience is a mixed reality application designed to be a campus tour for new University of Miami students. For this application, I was in charge of programming, implementing 3D map data, and designing the UI interactions.

You can reserve a tour here. You can also check out images from the launch event here!

Genre: Virtual Tour, VR/AR/MR
Engine: Unity
Platform(s): Magic Leap One
Team Size: 30-50
Role(s): Programming, UI Design

Custom Controller 1

SMS Tutor

SMS Tutor is an alternate control game based around pre-touchscreen texting. Play as a group of teenagers in the early 2000’s talking about the school dance!

Genre: Typing Game, Simulation
Engine: GameSalad
Platform(s): Web Browser
Team Size: 1
Role(s): Mechanics Design, 2D Art, Programming, UI Design, Music Composition, Writing

Custom Controller 2

Super Target Striker Screenshot

Galaxy Knights: Super Target Striker

Super Target Striker is a short first-person shooter based off the Super Galaxy Knights series. Use a magic bow and arrow to take out enchanted scarecrows!

You can play the game here!

Genre: First Person Shooter, Fantasy
Engine: Unity
Platform(s): Web Browser
Team Size: 1
Role(s): Mechanics Design, Level Design, Enemy Design, Programming, UI Design, 3D Art, Music Composition, Sound Design