2D Design

My name is H.S. Milenkovic. I am a graphic artist with an MFA in Interactive Media, and a BS in Computer Science. Online, I usually go by Snuffysam, and I often stamp my works with the label “Snuffysam Media”.

I have been developing games since 2008. In that time period, I have created thousands of 2D elements using Adobe Creative Suite as elements to be used in these games.

UI Design

My masters degree is in Interactive Media, and a major focus of that education revolved around designing intuitive UI elements that would guide users to the content they want as efficiently as possible, while also fitting aesthetically with the core of the product.

Here are some examples of UI elements that I have designed for games:

A fighting game heads-up display. The design is meant to look similar to art deco & early comic book art, with few colors to keep the player from getting distracted from the action.

The Ghost Ring from the Magic Leap game Ghost Ring. The Magic Leap One has very strict field of view limitations – so I developed a game that forces the player to look forward for the play area. The arrows on the ring light up to indicate which direction an enemy can be found in.

The UI for Hexe’s House of Candy, a game jam game based on Hansel and Gretel. As the witch, you need to feed candy to any children who come to your gingerbread house, then eat them while they’re distracted. If you go too soon, the children will run away, but if you wait too long, you will starve – this UI displays both current hunger and the children’s satisfaction.

The text box UI for Fly On The Wall. The text box was coded to give a quick shake whenever “intense” text is used, adding some extra personality to the game.

Effects Design

In order to make sure any in-game actions feel impactful, I often design 2D elements to be used as visual effects. Even during a game jam where developing has a strict time limit, I always make sure to add an extra level of polish to games!

Those bunny-bots can really ruin your day when you’re trying to stack blocks. They emit a shockwave when they move, to make sure the player’s eye is drawn to them.

Later in Fly On The Wall, the player unlocks the ability to perform infinite mid-air jumps. I needed to design a particle effect that made the player feel powerful and free while jumping.

This special moon can reverse its gravity, pushing away any blocks you’ve placed. Energy waves pulse out of the moon, so the player knows they can’t approach.

In the final boss battle of Lunar Demolition Force, the witch uses her sigil to blow up any blocks you’ve placed down. The sparks created from your destroyed block help sell the power behind her attack.