H.S. “Snuffysam” Milenkovic – 3D Art/Animation

My name is H.S. Milenkovic. I am a 3D artist and animator with an MFA in Interactive Media, and a BS in Computer Science. You can download my resume here.

Below is a portfolio showcasing my 3D works.

3D Art

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R Nothing Appears Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R Fishy Office

I have made over 5,000 3D renders since 2016 for use in my webcomic, Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R. As part of that, I have modeled and rigged over 100 unique characters, and built sets for over 50 locations.

My pieces are made in a combination of Blender and Photoshop. I also programmed the shaders for the pieces using Python. Here is a time-lapse of my process for creating a typical 3D art piece:

3D Animation

I also have experience using Blender and Photoshop to animate my 3D pieces. For instance:

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R Sword Fight Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R Tornado Cannon

I also have some experience setting my animations to audio, as seen here: