Navigator v1.0.1 update

Navigator has been updated to v1.0.1!

-Fixed audio issues on Windows
-Fixed off-screen bug
-Fixed Marigui Mushroom bug
-Added icons to both Windows and Mac versions
-Made message box transitions smoother
-Added more sprites to make message boxes look more polished
-Fixed cheat code bug
-Added some miscellaneous sprites

Head to the original games tab (or click here) to go download it!

Super Smash Bros. Strife Version 0.4 Released!

Super Smash Bros. Strife version 0.4 is out!

-Added Ghirahim, King K. Rool, Geno, and Kamek
-Added Dr. Wily’s Castle, Mii Maker, Pyrosphere, and City Escape stages
-Added Smash Balls
-Modified Classic mode to accommodate new characters & stages
-Modified Adventure mode to accommodate new characters & stages
-Samus’s neutral special can store charge
-General bugfixes
-Debuffed Link

Head to the parody games tab to download, and go up to the music tab to download Super Smash Bros. Strife Volume 2!