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My name is H. S. Milenkovic.

I am a South Florida resident, and an artist experienced in various media. Online, my works are generally stamped with the label “Snuffysam” or “Snuffysam Media”, so searching for that will bring up my web presence.

You can download my resume here.

Feel free to contact me for any professional inquiries!


Key Skills:

Game Development

Game Design


3D Art/Animation

2D Design

Fun Stuff!

In my free time, I like to stream on a YouTube channel called Super Smash Bros. League. The channel consists of a tournament where CPU characters in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate face off against each other. The characters used each particular week are chosen by the audience!

I also occasionally compose music, which I post on my Bandcamp. Here is an album of songs I made for Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R:

SGKDR Album Art

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