Super Smash BS Bio – Marth


Marth has been an unlockable character in Super Smash BS since v0.2. He plays quite similarly to his incarnations in the official Super Smash Bros. games. His movement is the same, his tipper mechanic is still deadly, and his special moves work similarly as well. These are his special moves, by the way:





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Super Smash BS Bio – Ridley


Here’s Ridley! Ridley was added as an unlockable character in version 3, and he’s been playable ever since!

The first thing you might notice about Ridley is that sometimes, he’s not quite as big as you’d expect:


That’s because Ridley’s size is dependent on the stage he’s in! On a large stage, Ridley is larger, and on a small stage, he’s smaller. This is a reference to how in Metroid games, Ridley’s size was different depending on which console he was on. Now, let’s head to somewhere with a bit more space:


Much better. Ridley’s neutral special is Fireball. This shoots a firey blast that can hit opponents multiple times. It can be angled both up and down. Use this to hit opponents who are out of your reach!


Ridley’s side special is Whirling Dash. With it, he spins to the side, bringing his opponents with him. You can angle the move up and down mid-flight. This attack can be used to drag your opponents off the sides of the stage.


Ridley’s up special is Wings. With this, Ridley launches himself into the air. It’s a decent recovery, but it can KO quite early off the top of the stage.


Ridley’s down special is Tail Stab. Ridley sends his tail into the stage, then sends it out wherever he chooses. This can be a great way to control the stage.


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Super Smash BS Bio – Phoenix Wright


That’s wrong! (erm, I mean, Wright!)

Phoenix Wright joined the strife in version 5 as an unlockable character. Don’t worry, he’ll continue to be unlockable in version 6- we just figured it was time to let him show off his stuff!


Phoenix’s neutral special is Collect Evidence. With it, he can absorb opponents’ projectiles, increasing the damage of all his moves and the size of his other special moves. Be warned- you will lose all your evidence when you get KO’d!


Phoenix’s side special is Objection. With this move, Phoenix can create a speech bubble in front of him, dealing damage to anyone it hits. Charge up the move for more damage and a larger bubble.


Phoenix’s up special is Take That. Phoenix shoots out another exclamation, sending him higher into the air. You can use this to stop opponents that are trying to recover!


Phoenix’s down special is Hold It. This move sends out yet another speech bubble. However, this one paralyzes opponents rather than sending them flying. Follow this up with a powerful attack!

That’s all for Phoenix Wright. If you want to learn more about him, try unlocking him in version 5! And remember to join us next week when we talk about the giant space pirate captain- Ridley!

Super Smash BS Bio – Maxwell


From Scribblenauts, Maxwell joins the Strife! He will be yet another playable character included in the upcoming version.

Maxwell’s playstyle revolves around having a lot of tools to use, and a lot of options for any situation. For example, his Neutral Special, Adjectives, can be charged up to apply varying effects to your opponents.


His side special, Nouns, cycles between different items that Maxwell can pull out:


The Bicycle item gives Maxwell a quick movement option and the ability to deal some more chip damage to his opponents.


Boomerang sends out a projectile that lasts a long time, and can hit opponents on both the way out and the way back.


Rocket sends out a missile that homes in on opponents, which can force them into a sticky situation.


Hammer is a quick melee attack that deals massive damage to opponents.



Chainsaw is a long-range projectile that can deal high damage to your opponents.


Maxwell’s Up Special is Jetpack. He can use this move multiple times in mid-air, but each use decreases the height until he lands on the ground.


Maxwell’s Down Special, Defense, cycles between three forms each time he uses it: Counter, Reflect, and Absorb. Counter has Maxwell slash with a pencil if he gets hit by an attack, dealing massive damage to his opponent.


Reflect puts up a book barrier that will send any projectiles back at your foe!


Finally, Maxwell’s Absorb summons a giant Starite. The move heals him if he gets hit by any energy-based projectiles.


That’s all for Maxwell. Join us next time when we talk about an unlockable character that you might not have noticed in version 5.

Super Smash BS Bio – Samus


Samus is one of the few characters who have been in Super Smash BS since the very first release. She plays quite similarly to her incarnation in Smash Bros, and she hasn’t been changed much in v0.6- so there isn’t much to talk about here. Instead, let’s see some combos Samus can pull off in the latest version of SSBS:

bio1 bio2 bio3 bio4

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Super Smash BS Bio – Ghirahim


In Super Smash BS, Ghirahim is a very unique fighter. His magic enhances his physical abilities, making him an incredibly agile fighter. He isn’t particularly powerful, but often his attacks are so quick that it doesn’t even matter!

Take his Jab, for example. After the first three hits, Ghirahim enters a rapid-jab sequence that can be difficult to escape from, to say the least.


Ghirahim’s neutral special, Demon Punch, is a single magically-charged punch that is both quick and strong.


Ghirahim’s side special, Lord Boost, sends him across the stage, performing an uppercut on the first enemy he comes into contact with.


Ghirahim’s up special, Demon Dive, is a command grab that ends with an explosion. After a successful grab, Ghirahim can continue to attack, so watch out for combos!


Ghirahim’s down special, Demon Kick, sends him flying forward at an alarming rate. Blink, and you’ll miss it!


That’s it for Ghirahim’s moveset. Tune in next time when we’ll talk about the galaxy’s greatest bounty hunter- Samus Aran!

Super Smash BS Bio – Link


Link is one of the few characters that have been in Super Smash BS since the very first version! While he does play quite differently from his official incarnation, he hasn’t been changed much from v0.5, so there isn’t a lot to go over here. Link’s arrows still go through walls, he can still through out two boomerangs at once, and he still throws out dozens of bombs!

So since there isn’t anything new to talk about, here’s some combos that Link can pull off in v0.6:

bio1 bio2 bio3

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