Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe FightR Press Kit

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Fact Sheet


Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe FightR is a bold and colorful new fighting game based off of the webcomic Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R!

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R is a webcomic series about characters harnessing their emotions, creativity, and self-acceptance to create and use their magic abilities. It’s an action comedy series, with some elements of romance and fantasy.

Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe FightR is a fighting game based off the webcomic, designed to be as similar to the comic’s style as possible while keeping its own flair. It’s a 2.5D tag team fighting game. Teams can be anywhere from 1-5 members. With more fighters, you gain the ability to tag, but you have less health and energy per character to work with.

Unleash the power inside of you!


Kickstarter Demo:

  • Three playable characters (Mizuki Sato, Cahe Wuwa, and Pejiba Va)
  • Each character has three ultimates and at least nine special moves
  • Teams of up to five characters
  • One playable stage (Castle Zebugu Dining Room)
  • Ten palette swaps per character
  • Saving and loading team presets
  • Customizable controls (keyboard and controller settings)
  • VS Fighting mode (player vs player and player vs AI)

Full Game (planned):

  • Eight playable characters (including the three in the demo)
  • Over 200 possible team combinations
  • Full voice acting
  • Unique interactions between characters
  • Four playable stages (including the one in the demo)
  • Destructible terrain
  • Unique stage finishers
  • Unlockable songs
  • At least 20 costumes per character (many of which will be full model swaps)
  • VS Fighting mode
  • Arcade mode
  • Online Mode with friends
  • Ranked Online Mode with strangers

Company Bio

Snuffysam Media is a sole proprietorship owned and operated entirely by Hal Milenkovic, creating indie games, comics, music, and more since 2008.


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