H. S. “Snuffysam” Milenkovic

3D Art

One of my main passions is 3D art. An example of my work is below:

My pieces are made with a combination of Blender and Photoshop. I create all 3D assets myself, and I programmed the cel shading script in Python myself. Here is a time-lapse of my process for creating a typical 3D art piece:

More examples of my 3D artwork can be found as part of my webcomic, Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R:


I have been writing a series of comedy/action short stories called Starstuff Stories since 2018. Here are some examples of my writing:

Zurika closed the drawer they were looking through, and walked over to a nearby closet door. They reached into their pocket, but was interrupted by the sound of bullets shattering glass.
The two turned to look back at the door. Three bullets flew down the hallway. The bullets’ trajectory was aimed at the wall in between the two. In an instant, however, long, thin, leafy branches popped out of the shadows of each bullet. Each bullet was poked by a branch, knocking it slightly off course. All three bullets hit the exact same spot on Zurika’s bicep, with laser-like precision. The businessperson fell over, blood spurting out of their arm. Two figures in dark suits stepped into the office. Niraji had a hard time seeing them through the dust, but he was able to make out some of their features. One was a man with a blue mohawk, and a long neck with green spots tattooed onto it. The other was a woman who held a smoking revolver, wore glasses, and had an emerald ring on each of her fingers. Niraji was busy examining the two intruders when he felt his legs get kicked out from beneath him. The boy fell to the ground with a soft thudding sound. As he got up, Niraji noticed that his skin and clothes had somehow been painted to look exactly like the carpet below him. Zurika looked back at Niraji with a panicked expression, and motioned for him to stay down. The young Zofuhu saw the dust clearing, and quickly lay down before the two assailants could notice him.

From Zofuhu’s Big Break

“Howdy!” said the waiter. “Welcome to Mr. Meetz Steakhouse. I’m Kule Beefman, and I’ll be your server on this fine evening. What sort of meat will y’all be having for dinner today?”
“Can I have the Steak Salad, medium rare?” said Cahe. “I had kind of a big lunch today.”
“Sure as I’m a char-grilled t-bone you can! And for the lady friend?”
“Hmm… I would like the thickest, juiciest cut of meat you have,” said Kaliho, while maintaining eye contact with Cahe. “Rare.”
The waiter was shocked. “A… are you sure about that, miss? You… y’all don’t know what you’re getting’ y’allself into!”
“Trust me, I can handle my meat just fine,” said Kaliho with a smirk.
“Very well. One Steak Salad for the gentleman, and one Godzilla’s Older Brother for the lady. And may the good lord have mercy on your soul.”

From Stolen Heart

I also have experience writing longer form narratives, as seen in my comic, Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R. Before diving in, be warned that the comic is currently quite a massive undertaking to get through – as is the consequence of posting three pages per week every week since early 2016.

3D Animation

I also have experience using Blender and Photoshop to animate my 3D pieces. For instance:

I also have some experience setting my animations to audio, as seen here:

As usual, more 3D animations can be found in my webcomic, Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R:

Game Design

My experience in 3D Art, Writing, and 3D Animation all builds together to inform my skills in game design. You can play a demo of a first person shooter I made here:

The game engine that I am most experienced in is Unity 3D – I’ve been working with the application since 2015. However, I also have experience in Construct and GameSalad, and I’ve occasionally used JMonkey in Java.

One thing I often try to work into my games is alternate control schemes. For example, here is a prototype of a game where the player learns how to type quickly on an old cell phone number pad –

After some paint work, this is what the controller for the game looked like:

I am currently working on a game in Mixed Reality for the Magic Leap One. The goal of the game was to create an experience that would work with all the advantages of the hardware while mitigating the disadvantages. Here is the current version of the game:


In my free time, I like to stream on a YouTube channel called Super Smash Bros. League. The channel consists of a tournament where CPU characters in the game Super Smash Bros. Ultimate face off against each other. The characters used each particular week are chosen by the audience!

I also occasionally compose music, which I post on my Bandcamp. Here is an album of songs I made for Super Galaxy Knights Deluxe R: