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    1. Currently, the game is being developed in Java, using the JME3 engine (and Eclipse as the editor of choice).

      Prior to version 5, the game was developed in Game Maker.

        1. Well, I should mention that “java” and “javascript” are two completely different languages (in the same way that Kansas and Arkansas are two completely different places).

          Furthermore, knowing a specific language won’t instantly make you a game. You need to know how to code too- not just the syntax of a specific language, but the general logic flow that’s required to make specific things happen at specific times.

          My advice if you want to make your own game is to learn Unity. Game Maker is easy to start, but it gets limited fast. You have to mess with advanced stuff to get anything done, and at that point, why not just use the more advanced program?

          Unity has some great tutorials on making a 2D platformer, and from there, it’s not too weird to change it into a Smash-esque fighting game.

          (Unity also looks great on a resume)

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