Super Smash BS v0.6.1 released!

Super Smash BS v0.6.1 has been released! Click here to download it.

This version adds a new launcher, fixing the memory issues (the game now requires half as much CPU power to run as it did in v0.6.0). There is also a lower power mode toggle, allowing you to lower CPU requirements even more but increase your load times.

In addition, load times have been sped up overall, particularly when using alternate costumes.

Bug Fixes
-In Classic Mode, during the previews for the upcoming matches, characters would sometimes be the wrong size. This has been fixed.

Balance Changes
-All projectiles that could theoretically last infinite time (e.g. Kamek’s spikeball with a tall enough stage) have been given a timer.
-Link’s bow now charges.
-Link’s arrows no longer reach across the stage.

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