Super Smash BS Bio – King Dedede


Today, we’ll be taking a look at King Dedede. He’s had quite a few updates since his introduction in version 0.3, and he is quite different from his incarnation in the official Smash games.

First up, his Neutral Special. Inhale does not suck opponents into your mouth. Instead, enemies will bounce off of Dedede’s lips, allowing him to quickly follow up with an attack.



King Dedede’s side special is Gordo Toss. The move¬†functions similarly to its original Smash incarnation- Dedede tosses out a Gordo that bounces along the ground. Be careful- your opponents can hit this projectile back to you!



Next is his up special- Super Dedede Jump. This move will bury your opponents if you land on them!


Finally, we have Dedede’s down special- Jet Hammer. Dedede charges up his hammer and releases for massive damage. Watch out- if you charge this too much, it will start damaging you!


That’s all for this time. Next preview will be a bit of a special one- we’ll be showcasing new songs that have shown up in the newest versions of SSBS. Stay tuned for then!

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