Super Smash BS Bio – Kirby


Kirby has been a playable character since the very first version of SSBS. His moveset is pretty similar to his original Smash Bros. appearance, except for one major aspect- his copy abilities. When Kirby sucks in an opponent, he doesn’t get their Neutral Special- instead, he gets one of his signature copy abilities based on which character he absorbs. This is more accurate to the original games, where multiple enemies could give you the same ability.

Kirby’s Fire ability can be angled up and down, and is a great trapping tool.


Kirby’s Ice ability works similarly to Fire, but it can’t be angled, and it can freeze enemies.


Kirby’s Bomb ability lets him pluck bombs, which he can then throw at his opponents.


The Mirror ability gives Kirby a reflector for extra defense.


The Paint ability lets Kirby slash three times with a paintbrush. All three of these slashes have a deceptively huge range, and the third slash meteors opponents. Because of how strong this ability is, Kirby can only use it once before he needs to suck in an opponent again.


The Ninja ability lets Kirby rapidly shoot needles, which deal damage but don’t make enemies flinch.


Kirby’s Fighter ability lets him do a powerful uppercut.


Kirby’s Hammer ability lets him charge up a powerful hammer, which deals a huge amount of damage to opponents when released.


Kirby’s Animal ability does a slash that moves him forward. If you press the special button again, Kirby will combo that first attack into a second, more powerful slash.


The Missile ability sends Kirby flying towards his opponents. This move will deal a lot of damage, but beware- Kirby gets hurt whenever he uses it!


The High-Jump ability sends Kirby skyward! It isn’t particularly powerful as an attack, but it can be very useful for recovering.


The Suplex ability lets Kirby grab and throw his opponents. Bring them off-stage for an instant KO!


Kirby’s Sword ability lets him do a quick slash that can be comboed into and out of his other moves.


Normally, Kirby’s Spark ability creates an electric field around him. But by dashing, you can charge the ability out, and shoot some powerful projectiles!


Kirby’s Wing ability not only gives him extra jumps, but it also shoots out a feather projectile that can be used against opponents.


The Beam ability gives Kirby a powerful, long-range, multi-hit move.


The Yoyo ability acts as a long-range melee attack. Kirby can choose to retract the yoyo immediately, or hold the button to keep the attack out for longer!


The Wheel ability lets Kirby roll around the stage, running through his opponents!


Kirby’s Needle ability is very good at keeping away enemies from above.


Kirby’s Smash ability gives him his Neutral Air from the original Smash Bros. games. Additionally, all his other special moves deal increased damage.


Finally, Kirby’s Mix ability gives him a random ability that another character would have given him.


That’s all for Kirby. Join us next time when we go over the self-proclaimed monarch, King Dedede!

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