Super Smash BS Bio – Ridley


Here’s Ridley! Ridley was added as an unlockable character in version 3, and he’s been playable ever since!

The first thing you might notice about Ridley is that sometimes, he’s not quite as big as you’d expect:


That’s because Ridley’s size is dependent on the stage he’s in! On a large stage, Ridley is larger, and on a small stage, he’s smaller. This is a reference to how in Metroid games, Ridley’s size was different depending on which console he was on. Now, let’s head to somewhere with a bit more space:


Much better. Ridley’s neutral special is Fireball. This shoots a firey blast that can hit opponents multiple times. It can be angled both up and down. Use this to hit opponents who are out of your reach!


Ridley’s side special is Whirling Dash. With it, he spins to the side, bringing his opponents with him. You can angle the move up and down mid-flight. This attack can be used to drag your opponents off the sides of the stage.


Ridley’s up special is Wings. With this, Ridley launches himself into the air. It’s a decent recovery, but it can KO quite early off the top of the stage.


Ridley’s down special is Tail Stab. Ridley sends his tail into the stage, then sends it out wherever he chooses. This can be a great way to control the stage.


That’s everything for this week. Join us next time when we talk about the hero-king himself- Marth!

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